The Unity of Technologies for Shoppers

February 27th, 2011

According to many sources and experienced economists, the largest since 1930s economic crisis has almost left us. However, according to many consumers, even if it is gone, the long lasting side effects are still very much present. People continue to feel insecure about their jobs and family budgets, so the universal saving trend is still on.
Retailers across the country feel such consumer moods and continue doing everything they can to get reclusive shoppers at their real life or electronic door. Marketing efforts continue being at their highest and most innovative. Coupon distribution and usage have been on the rise since 2008, so now the challenge for marketers is to continue with popular and well loved discounts, all while keeping up with new technologies.

The subject of mobile coupons is not new, but nevertheless a fascinating one. According to marketing research finds, an increasing number of consumers see their smart and mobile phones as their future shopping helpers and constant companions. That’s only if people will stick to traditional brick and mortar shopping. Based on shopping trends, it is safe to say, that such method of shopping is unlikely to remain the most popular. Due to decreasing S&H fees, assortment of virtual stores, milder return policies, and even personal shopping avatars, time-saving online shopping will most likely win. If all of the above reasons won’t do the trick, primitive and not very precise mobile coupons might. We are years away from perfect technology or mass retail participation.

In my opinion, mobile coupons will run the show only if electronic coupons will become transferable to mobile form and thus will provide shoppers with convenience and wide access to desirable retailers on their schedule, instead of waiting for an sms to come whenever the store decides to send it. Technology should work with people and for people striving to improve shopping experience and retail income. Collaboration between a physical store and electronic coupons downloadable onto mobile devices should become a new shopping norm for new shopper generations.

Mobile Coupons vs Online Coupons

September 9th, 2010

The mobile coupon enthusiasts are announcing the new age of couponing, when people will walk past various stores and get coupons straight to their smart phones via text messages. And not only that: they will get the precisely needed and wanted coupons only. We have to admit that it sounds great. But there are so many questions and problems with this rosy future shopping vision.

Ever since Asa Candler of Coca Cola thought of the first coupon in 1887, the popularity of this type of marketing continued to grow. The coupons experienced many transformations: from employee distributed, to mailed to customers, to clipped from newspapers, to electronically obtained, and finally to mobile versions. Knowing that, we can be sure that the development of different coupon forms will not stop here either.

While we applaud the new mobile trend, we can’t help but notice its unreliability and vulnerability. First of all, while smart phones are gaining momentum, there will always be those of us who won’t need or want them. Second, the incoming messages every time we happen to find ourselves near a mall or just a store might seem too annoying to even most patient of us. Third, the technology that will precisely locate a mobile phone and send a timely message is in the development stage and is still being tested without any mass results. The future success of it remains to be seen. Finally and most importantly, online shopping has its steady numbers of shoppers and will only continue to grow. The convenience of buying from home has a firm hold on US and world consumers, and will never go away, just like online coupons, that are reliably at the click of the button when, and only when needed.

Here is one graph that illustrates the current trends of discount shopping. Mobile coupon popularity has definitely increased since this data was published, but so did the internet couponing, taking some load of newspaper deals.

Why Save?

September 4th, 2010

We all shop for different reasons. First, there is a need. Second, there is a pleasure. Third, shopping is a way to escape everyday life, forget all problems, and relax. At least to some of us… Whichever way describes you, shopping is unavoidable. So how do we do it without creating any additional headaches? How do we enjoy it and never have to deal with that little cognitive dissonance voice in the back in our heads? How do we get the best deal?

That’s where coupon sites come in. With today’s technology virtually everybody is getting familiar with shopping online from the comfort of their own homes. No annoying sales people. No special trips. No hassle of mall crowds. And huge savings!

These days it’s hard to find a store without a website, and in addition, it is just as hard to find a site that wouldn’t use coupon codes and special secret sales to attract buyers. So shop your hearts out and always, ALWAYS look for deals and coupon codes at because we are here for you and your wallet.
Saving will allow you to spend less than you already have and will earn. You can use that extra money to pay off your debts, invest them, or stash them away for drier and darker times. The choice is yours! You can even do all three.

When you spend less, you can allow yourself to earn less. So in addition to money, you can start conserving your time. You can start having a greater control of your life. This opens doors to countless options: work less and travel, work more and retire earlier, explore your hobbies, learn ways to make money from your savings, and finally, fulfill your dreams and do what makes you happy. All those options become available to you when you understand the value and the reach of frugal lifestyle.